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Abinaya R


Connecting to the roots | Restoring the rural memories

Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu is one of the oldest inhabited agricultural cities in the Cauvery delta, with its earliest settlements dating back to 2nd Millennium BC. Trichy was a Cholas citadel since Sangam age. The people and the environment are weaved together in this landscape through culture. Changing people's perception of their environs over the period gave rise to different cultures in the city. Among them, Agrarian culture is the core identity of the city. The younger generation of the city is losing their identity by aspiring for the generic modern life which deviates them from the core rural values. Lost/ fading nuances are concise as a vision for the project. The site is a Deer Park in an industrial township, an appropriate site to demonstrate how to achieve the aspirations without losing one’s identity and deviating from the roots. This project attempts to infuse the tangible and intangible rural values in people through three constructs: ecology, recreational and socio-cultural.  

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Report Content

Image of the city | Vision

Outset of the Landmark park | Site analysis

Physical framework | Calendarizing the program

Translating identity to form | Landscape grain plan

Crafting the structural organization

Experiential design intervention | Material palette

Planting palette and structure

Kinetics: Seasonality and Phasing

Kinetics: Seasonality and Phasing

Visualizing the garden