Riya Soni


Decoding Dichotomies

The city of Delhi is an evolving Urbanscape. From Ancient rulers to colonial powers and now, contemporary times,  city has adapted and formed its own culture and image. Newer areas aspire to become as culturally rich as the core of Delhi. 
The site is in Dwarka, along the Palam Drain. Currently, there are negative perceptions towards the drain. The project aims to reform the perceptions towards the drain by curating experiences derived from human Behaviours and values. The intent is to rebuild the drain as "an old friend" and an active urban insert in the district. 

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Report Content

Image of the city | Imagining a Vision

Site Analysis

Programming the site

Translating identity to form

Crafting structural organization

Experiential Design intervention

Collating Material Palette

Planting structure and Palette

Kinetics: Seasonality

Visualizing the site