Patil Pratiksha Sunil


Featured Succession

Forest is a complex system composed of different elements. These elements tend to have evolving nature until the forest reaches the final mature/climax stage. This process of Succession is nothing but the change in either species composition, structure or architecture of vegetation through time. In terms of forest, succession consists of multiple stages which are group of species replacing one another over period of time giving result to a more complex system. The project emphasizes on the study of mechanism of succession and how this concept can be used to catalyze the threshold to Jaisamand wildlife Sanctuary. 

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Recording Landscapes - Thol Bird Sanctuary

Drawing the Forest - Wet Montane Evergreen Forest (Sahyadri Ranges, Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, Chandoli National Park, Maharashtra)

Drawing the Forest - Within the Forest

Drawing the Forest - Section

Understanding the idea of Threshold - Thresholds within the dry deciduous forest

Featured Succession - Forest Succession

Featured Succession - Succession depending on micro-conditions

Re-imagining the site - Regenerated vegetation stages Plan

Re-imagining the site - Succession in account with Time and the Insertions

Re-imagining the site - Periodic Sections