Gurram Koushik Varma


Forest Immune

Forest is a diversity of flora and fauna, with its calm and potential habitat on one hand and on the other it has conditions to defend itself from, which affecting its natural behavior of growth. This point between the distress condition and natural condition of the forest becomes Threshold. The distress conditions in Jaisamand forest are: (a) Drought (b) Over grazing (c) Forest fire (d) Soil erosion Out of these condition forest fire is been addressed as it doesn’t involve any communal or other external factors and only deals with forest management which can be easily controlled by effective methods which are further described the research 

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Understanding Landscape

Drawing the forest | Sections

Flora-Fauna | Section

Understanding the idea of threshold | Investigating threshold in forest

Distress conditions of Jaisamand forest

Exploring forest immune | Site analysis

Re-imagining the site | Sections

Drawing exercises