Tvara Sharma


Framed Overlaps

Different types of forests or different zones within a forest offer unique experiences through its distinctiveness. Various types of vegetation systems are found in a particular forest. The zones where two or more systems overlap act as a threshold where one can experience the coexistence of different systems and conditions. The overlapped zone also indicates the end of one typology and the beginning of another. The idea of this project is to make this subtle and organic change in conditions evident by framing such overlapped zones to emphasize the uniqueness of this threshold in between various forest vegetation type systems. 

Report Content

Recording Landscapes I Drawing the forest

Drawing the forest I DRY MIXED DECIDUOUS FOREST, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

Drawing the forest I Forest section

Field observations I Dry deciduous forest, Aravalli range, Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary

Understanding the idea of a threshold I Investigating the forest

Zones with overlapped systems

Re-imagining the site

Re-imagining the site I Proposed plan

Framing Overlapped Systems

Framing Overlapped Systems I Site sections