Abinaya R


Lifeline of the forest

From outside, a forest may look static and monotonous but it is alive and complex. One has to be more involved with the forest, adding the dimension of experience rather than fully understanding all the life it contains. The structure of a forest is complex where numerous elements together form different conditions; these different conditions together form multiple systems; multiple systems together form this complex forest. Transition between these elements/ conditions/ systems is gradual and they have their identity. Any system as a transition between two other systems supports a wide range of biodiversity as it has the characteristics of these two systems. Among all the transition systems in Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary, the open forest supports maximum biodiversity and therefore it is the richest system. For the dense forest to sustain, open forest is necessary- it is the lifeline of the forest. The project attempts to convey the importance of the open forest in the space of the threshold.

Report Content

Field observations

Understanding the idea of threshold

Threshold between systems and threshold across systems

System | Fauna | The richest system - open forest system

Site and context

Re-imagining the site | Model

Re-imagining the site | Site plans

Re-imagining the site | Photomontage

Documenting the forest

Drawing the forest | Setion