Shreshtha Waghray


March of the Thickets

Valleys act as conduits in the forest. They carry moisture and other nutrients from the higher points to the lower. The valleys have been determined as migratory routes for systems to move along from the good forest to the degraded forest. The migration has been contemplated to be in an orderly fashion like that of a march past. 
The site will be developed using the native plant species existing in the valley regions in terms of smaller systems  which are interconnected and form the larger system of the forest. 

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Recording landscapes

Drawing the forest | Dry deciduous forest - Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve - Bandipur National Park

Drawing the forest | Section

Field observations | Dry deciduous forest | Aravalli range | Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary

Understanding the idea of a threshold | Investigating the forest

Valley systems in the forest

Migration of species along the valleys | Making the valley system legible

Understanding the site & context

Re-imagining the site | Site plan | Sections