Anmol Tewari


Acknowledging Richness

The project aims at revealing components of diverse ecosystems within the cover of Sub-tropical Pine forests in the lower Himalayas. The ‘diverse ecosystems’ emerge as pockets of mixed Deciduous Banj Oak (Quercus leucotrichophora) forests which punctuate the expanse of Pine forests occurring at the same altitude. The study takes one through both these forest types and helps juxtapose components which identify elements of richness in terms of systems, flora and fauna- and also hints at factors responsible for the occurrence of these forests and their relationship with each other. 

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Report Content

Recording landscapes through charcoal, pen & ink.

Forest Narrative.

Locating the forest.

Co-relating systems of the forest.

Co-relating habitats.

Larger Vision, Extent of the Sub-tropical Pine and Mixed Deciduous forest types in the Himalayas.

Hotspots of Rich Bio-diversity.

Examining Pine Forest Components.

Examining Mixed Forest Components.

Pause Point- At the Banks.