Ghosh Drishti Sanjoy Suvarna


At the Brink

Moist Tropical Broad leaf Deciduous- Sub-Alpine and Alpine-Subtropical Pine forest - Quercus semecarpifolia (forest series). 
Gorson Forest, Joshimath Forest Reserve, Chamoli, Uttarakhand. 

Due to global warming, there has been an upward shift of vegetation belts, especially pines that are replacing the broad leaf oak forests of the Western Himalayas. The project looks at the distribution of pine and oak forests in this region. It identifies the occurrence and state of existence of old growth forests of oaks, the mother forests and its associations to the new growth oak and the pine forests. The walk takes one through all these forests. The pause, at the brink to the old growth and new growth oak forests is where one finds the rarest golden flowers.

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Report Content

Recording Landscapes | Gorson Forest, Joshimath Forest Reserve, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Forest Narrative | Studying the forest through its complex layers

Locating the Forest

Investigating the Forest and its systems

Correlating Habitats

Larger Vision | The Silent Invasion

Expanding the Realms

The Three Realms and their co-existence

Journey through the Forest | Finding the Golden Flower

Point of Pause | At the Brink