Mabel Annie Biju


Sensing Moisture

Moist Teak Deciduous, Evergreen forest
Tectona–Dillenia–Lagerstroemia lanceolata–Terminalia paniculata series

Konni Reserve Forest 

This project aims to reveal the intricate fresh water system and shallow swamps in the flat bottomed valleys of Konni reserve forest. The midlands of the southern Western Ghats are home to the moist teak deciduous and the evergreen forests. Investigation of the numerous hillocks and valleys leads to the study of the complex fresh water system that is crucial for the survival of biodiversity. With the help of the Odonata species, a fresh water indicator, the presence of fresh water is traced. This process led to the discovery and further study of the seasonal freshwater swamps that are present in the flat bottomed valleys of the forest.

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Recording Landscapes

Forest Narrative | Moist Teak Deciduous and Evergreen Forest, Southern Western Ghats ( Konni Reserve forest)

Correlating Systems | Studying the various layers of the forest

Correlating Systems | Studying the forest through the lens of key fauna habitats

Larger Vision | Investigating the intricate fresh water systems and the vegetation

Larger Vision | Typical section of the fresh water system

Journey through the forest | Path Taken

Journey through the forest | Sensing moisture in the forest with the help of Odonata species, a fresh water indicator

Points of Pause | Character observed

Points of Pause | Fresh water swamp at the origin of Kallar river