Divolka Dilipkumar Sawlani



The neighborhood of Bopal has become the victim of intense fragmentation and polarization in response to the increasing concentration inside self-sufficient residential societies, putting the city life of Bopal at stake. In such a scenario play is used as a medium to bring the city together.
The proposal has been divided into two scales- Urban PLAY+GROUNDS and Neighborhood PLAY+GROUNDS. While the Neighborhood  PLAY+GROUNDS are shared playgrounds constructed between two or more residential societies, the Urban PLAY+GROUNDS are large scale inclusive playgrounds constructed to tackle the dying city life of Bopal. Both the Neighborhood and Urban PLAY+GROUNDS work with the ground to sculpt a playscape. The playground structures the idea of play without explicitly prescribing it, a strategy used to induce play in the otherwise solemn neighborhood. The intent is to create a place that wouldn’t distinguish between users, a place where they could come together to play - to rediscover the city life and in that process rediscover themselves.

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Proposal- Play is used as a medium to bring the city together

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