Agrawal Priyam Pradeep Shalini


Buisness Trade Centre

The Vision: The vision of the proposed skyscraper shall be identified for it to be as a sculptural urban oasis through its form and position. The high-rise itself shall have different interpretations and would be perceived differently by each user but would essentially question the very ideas and parameters that are associated with a high- rise building. 
Strategy: The aim is to combine the communal quality of the cities with the views of a skyscraper by maintaining streetscape and introducing public spaces, courtyards, garden terraces at different levels within the skyscraper.The lower level plans of the building shall be seamless and porous by making it completely public with programmes such as restaurant, retails, amphitheatre and plaza and shall not have a defined enclosure and division between the public streets and the building itself. The form of the building shall be expressed as two distinct towers which is segregated by a central service core. Both these towers may or may not cater to similar programme ideas. 

Report Content

Expressing Details

Mechanical Movement Detailing

Modelling Experiments

Massing Study and Form Development

Articulating Forces - Spanning System

External Facade Treatment

Spanning Systems - Detailing

Detailed Sectional Perspective

Building View

Final Articulation