Dubbewar Tanvi Rajesh


The Urban Collective - Commercial Tower

The urban collective is a privately sustained commercial - retail entity,housing co working quarters on upper floors with a retail space on the bottom ones to support it The project is aimed at supporting and fulfilling the work space requirements of the new age people who wish to have a freer,more flexible and community inspired area to work at.It is to be designed to look after the needs of upcoming and thriving work force that is on the lookout for a venture that will be suitable for their more unusual work needs. As the site is located in the GIFT City,it has to meet the commercial requirements that the region is in need of, as a result of the amplified pace of development and a chance to contribute to a new smart venture arise.

Report Content

Final model

plans and section

Derivation of building system and expressions

The massing process

Layers of the structural system

View of the spanning

Horizontal spanning

Vertical cantilever

Spring latch

Spring latch