Divya Mukesh Shah



I climb up the small mound and look out to the lake. I see the red flag fluttering at the top of the sikhar of an old temple, extending out of a grove of banyans on the opposite end of the talav. As I move closer to the edge, I find a small kund below me hidden within a grove of champas. Intrigued by it, I walk back down the mound and find a narrow trail along its side. I step forward carefully to the furthermost tip of the landing and find large steps leading downward. The steps are chipped and cool to touch. There also seems to be a cave-like structure built within the mound itself. Semicircular steps lead me to cave,the curtain of soft Vines brushing against my hair. The white chuna walls of the cave are lit up softly by streams of sunlight. I feel hidden away from all the noise, all the chaos. Once inside my cocoon,it's just me,the lake and the sky

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Defining the character of the pond

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