Adhrita Roy


A Pavilion for Water

In everyday life we often come across places we feel are devoid of life. This project was aimed at enriching the life of one such place in Kharagpur, West Bengal by making a water pavilion. A water pavilion with two halves - one which is more open and free - the structure which invites people onto the site. The second pavilion which is accessed around a water tank, with its corbelled brick columns giving playful edges for the rainwater to drip down, becomes a more introverted space with its heavy shade and becomes the guardian of the water stored within.

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Report Content

Nesting and Weaving

Line drawings and affectionate places in life

Most affectionate place

Least affectionate place

Ground modulation study and initial process



Site plan, living structure plan and long section

Plan, model images and poetic vision

Elevation, cross sections and sketches