Patel Priyang Arvindbhai


Jal Stambh

        The site is situated near the Kavi Kalapi lake garden, Adajan gam, Surat. The ground modulation method is used to enhance the least affectionate place first. The idea of transitioning from soft to hard land is evolved during this process. Also, the built part is developed with trees in the periphery of the site not to disturb the living structure of the place. The placement and design of the water stambh are evolved as it is a central public place for the visitors and people of the neighborhood. The water stambh works as the cooling tower which intensifies the environment of the surroundings. The paved food plaza is created with some lightweight structures for people to sit and experience the place.

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Nesting and Weaving

Things and Places in Life

Most Affectionate Place

Least Affectionate Place

Living Structure and Poetic Vision



Final Intervention

Final Intervention