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Simran Saumilbhai Mashruwala


The Epoch of the Anthropocene | Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava's attitudes were translated into a Center for Research & Conservation, surrounding the revitalization of an abandoned Marble Quarry.
The program demands the revival of three major aspects of the Site, damaged due to the quarrying: Hydrology, Geology, Flora and Fauna. Calatrava's inclination towards biomimicry is used to tackle the larger concern of the program, giving rise to the concept of a Banyan Tree, which pristinely revives all three aspects. 
The aim centers around the Simultaneous derivation of Structure & Form, following the principles of a Banyan Tree, and celebrating three crucial functions: Herbarium, Gallery of Geology, and Gathering Space.

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Santiago Calatrava: Introduction | Portrait: Work as a Reflection of Self




Design Problem: Concept | Structural Derivation of an Individual Module

Site Plan



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