Yashraj Nayak


R I T - U - K A A L

Seasons Harmony Community Center is a unique and vibrant hub designed to celebrate and embrace the beauty of seasonal change. This community center aims to provide a welcoming space where individuals of all ages can come together to connect, learn, and engage in activities that celebrate the distinct characteristics of each season. The project highlights the use of levels and differences created due to the contours available on the site. Through diverse programs and activities, it aims to inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty and significance of each season, fostering a harmonious and interconnected community.

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Report Content

Site and Program interpretation

Concept and Design development

Development of individual Labs and Midsem plan

Midsem sections, model photos and material exploration

Plan at 1:100 scale

Sections at 100 scale

perspective section at 50 scale, wall section at 1:20 scale and cross sections

Axonometric view of the entire project

Physical model views

exercise that helped in the design development of the main project