Nitinkumar Kademani


The Neighborhood Lounge

The studio quotidian realm focused on the everyday life as well as resources within in the domain of built environment and its intersection with technology, society and ecology.  The final design project, 'The Neighborhood Lounge' attempts to make adaptive-reuse of an under-used and neglected public building in the urban fabric of Bengaluru. The design proposes a place that becomes as an extended living room to this neighborhood. The new program offers wellness, leisure, resting, as well as everyday utilitarian commerce on the site. Thereby, the project blends in with the quotidian life of the neighborhood.

Report Content

Understanding an Architectural Manifesto: Sarah Wigglesworth

Decoding the systems: Analysis of an Architectural work

Fragile Ecosystems: Designing for resilience in Darjeeling, a Landslide prone area

Speculation for Darjeeling; Position paper, Project intent; Locating my neighborhood

Understanding the neighborhood; identifying potential site; detailed drawing of building on site

studying site condition; major design interventions on site; proposed site plan

Proposed site plan at +1.0m; Site sections

Plans and sections: Neighborhood center, Central Park, Commercial zone

Views of the proposal; Isometric views of the proposed site

Existing Site; Proposed design on site; Epilogue to studio