Patel Driti Hiren


An Interactive Work Station

Harnessing the entrepreneurship nature of the Home-makers of Vadaj by providing them with a platform to learn, work, and earn. This will bring home-makers from different backgrounds like gamtal, housing, slums to help each other with their skills and knowledge. This will involve the cross-interaction of women from the various economic and social background. The station aims to be a facilitator in the venturing process of start-ups done by home-makers. It would create a network of people amongst the neighbourhood and help connect the entrepreneur to suitable assistance. The station will be the platform where talents will be explored and knowledge could be shared. The station will assist the home-makers by introducing them to the environment of co-working. They are provided with space, technology, knowledge of commerce and child care centre for their young ones while they focus on their work. 

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Learnings from Initial Exercises

Site Introduction and Analysis

Program and Design Strategies

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Ground Floor Plan

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