Shah Kanxa Herick


Urban Living Room

The JourneyThe initial few exercise were to familiarize oneself with public realm. Few things that interested me were people and their movement and role of architecture in it(in case of decoding Bhadra plaza and transit case study). Through various lens of urban theories and critical analyzing of public space, relation of public space in various scales in the city were understood. Can an infrastructure project like metro station bind the neighborhood and be the “URBAN LIVING ROOM”? The final design exploration was to create a “synchronous” public space. A place for all. An exploration to create multiple possibility of movement for people, allowing them to pause at different places through an idea of an elevated green street.

Report Content

Uplifting the wall Decoding Bhadra Plaza

Site introduction

Program vision

Spatial strategy

Exploded isometric showing movement



Spatial quality of paces and edges


Overall isometric drawing