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Tanna Karan Rajeshkumar


Usmanpura Underline Park - Health & Fitness Hub

This transit node is imagined as part of a green park system developed along the decommissioned rail line below the metro. The Area of Usmanpura has the potential to contribute to the city in the area of health & fitness. Depleting the physical and mental health of people is a major concern, globally. What if a transit node could help you build health? What if we could make the transit node itself a wellness hub? This project tries to integrate health and wellness activities into the transit node and help users build health while they’re away from home.

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Report Content

Initial Exercises : Uprising of Walls & Literature Study

Initial Exercises : Decoding Public Space and Transit Case Study

Site Study : Usmanpura

Stakeholders, Vision & Key Ideas

Program Formulation & Spatial Strategies

Spatial Organisation : Context Plan & Ground Floor Plan

Spatial Organisation : First Floor, Concourse & Platform Plan

Spatial Organisation : Sections

Spatial Character : 3D Views

Spatial Character : External & Internal Views