Divya Mishra


Biophilic cell in the city

Urbanization took place ignoring the natural topography & flow of water by cutting off tekras, filling of lakes which led to the formation of high land and low land. Roads, railways, bridges occupied the higher ground along with wealthy, privileged and educated people. Earlier who used to do farming occupied the lower ground mostly near water where land price is low. Chandrabhaga is one such stream that used to originate from Adalaj and meet Sabarmati at Dandi bridge crossing Juna Vadaj, the largest informal settlement of Ahmedabad. At present, STP of 60MLD located in the juna vadaj area adjacent to the stream, treating the sewage of vadaj but the effluent water is going directly into Sabarmati along with polluted water of Chandrabhaga stream having garbage waste from the vadaj as they don’t have any drainage facility because of low ground. The project intends to revive the lost identity of the Chandrabhaga stream by treating its polluted water. The treated water could act as a catalyst and leads to the holistic approach of integrated vertical farming which creates a middle ground between high land and low land of the city by a system of connectivity and interdependent activities. The program will educate and create awareness to fill the economic, cultural, and topographical gap between informal settlement and the city. Link to portfolio 

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