Rituparna Sengupta


Lake And The Life Within

Lakes are an important part of the urban ecosystem performing significant environmental, social, and economic functions, from recharging groundwater to supporting biodiversity. Today these water bodies are encroached, full of sewage and garbage. As a result, the sewage and effluents that are filling up urban water bodies, which affect the life that is present inside the lake, further creating an imbalance in biodiversity. Identifying the issues that endangered the lake ecosystem and rejuvenate the lake, so that it can support the ideal food chain for sustaining all levels of flora, aquatic life, and avifauna creating a balance in the biodiversity. 

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Lakes in the City Extent

Lake Ecology

The Food Chain

Site Context | Site Studies

Existing Site Conditions

Phases of Design | Zoning of Site

Phase 1 | Design Process

Phase 1 & Phase 2 | Design Process

Phase 3 | Proposed Site Plan | Flora & Avifauna Associated

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