Patil Pratiksha Sunil


Unfolding the Continuum - The Rodh River

Every natural system is an asset to the environment as well as the people who are in the role of user. Not having knowledge about existence of such systems can be a serious threat to it. Hence acknowledgment, awareness and appreciation are what should be the characters of the user’s perspective, which will help keeping these systems alive and healthy. The project looks at such unexplored system named 'Rodh River' which exists in south-west of Ahmedabad, and aims to reform the lost association between people and the system by rethinking the edges for engaging on experiential basis through a walk.

Report Content

Encountering the System - Larger Context

Encountering the System - Comparative Analysis

Visual Recordings - Scene Montages

Existing Attributes - Lake at Modasar

Existing Attributes - Lake Characteristics

Accentuating the Course - Strategy

Accentuating the Course - Pause 1 - Modasar

Accentuating the Course - Connection 3 - Wetland

Accentuating the Course - Connection 4 - Dense Tree Grove

Accentuating the Course - Imaged interpretation