Yashraj Nayak



The idea of contemplation itself forces to dig deep inside oneself’s purpose of existence. Thus the design process started by identifying a music piece which best describes contemplation. the sketches and the narratives written guided in understanding and visualizing the whole space. the music piece chosen was “Himalayan dawn”, which was composed by Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. It is an Indian classical piece played purely on santoor.The final design is a place to contemplate. it includes an exhibition gallery, an artist store, a cafeteria connected to a canteen and a performance space. the spaces contain changing volumes, levels, directions, etc. the main attraction of the site being the Saat kamaan. this influences the access ways and pathways according to the views. the kinetic being present on both facades facilitates the view of the Saat kamaan as well as plays with change of light, shadow, ventilation.

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Report Content

Narrative and storyboard

8X8 kinetic model( Chicken point Cabin), kit of parts and process sketches

Site plan

Ground level plan

first level plan


wall section and kinetic isometric

design and kinetic models

Final panel