Aishwarya Rishitha Nagireddy



The project Sorceress inspired by the Fusion music piece named the same by the band Return To Forever is located at the site adjacent to the UNESCO world heritage site, Saat Kaman, Champaner. The site for ARP is located around the immediate vicinity of the heritage ruin. This project is built to cater to the WORK characteristic of the residency. This includes designing studio facilities and workshop spaces for the artists with a small in-house library connected to them.  The project also has a Vertical Kinetic Bifold Door which opens views to SaatKaman and also acts as a weather shade.

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Report Content

Olivetti Sliding Door and Musicscape of Sorceress.

Narrative for the Musicscape.


Sections and Sectional Perspectives along with character brief.

Plan of Sorceress

Section AA'

Section BB'

Sectional Perspective AA'

Sectional Perspective CC'

Kinetic Vertical Bifold Door

Project Video