Patel Priyang Arvindbhai



To represent the art and culture of western India the museum is imagined to be a center in Ahmedabad. The client is the trust of eminent citizens of the city. Keeping the courtyards as the central nerve of the museum the exhibit spaces are designed around them which let the natural light and ventilation. According to Ahmedabad’s climate, each courtyard is shaded by some sort of shading device. Materials create spatial quality. The wooden frame structure represents the richness of traditional Pol houses.  The sandstone used in the peripheral walls represents the museum as the monument. 
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Deconstructing The Making, Reading The Architectonics

Matter Of Materials, Architect Study

Project Study, Site Study

Design Development

Structure And Material, Site Plan

Floor Plans

Sections And Elevations

Wall Sections

Sectional Axonometric

Rendered Views

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