Yashi Tripathi


Ludlow Chapel

Looking at the architectural attitudes of Steven Holl, one of his unbuilt projects in 1991, has been reimagined in the context of Ahmedabad. The changes that the chapel acquired, conceptually, and tectonically are explored in this project. (As a prelude to the exercise for the same, another project, Cerrado House has been studied, and its primary material- timber in the project-specific and then in a general way.)

Report Content

Deconstructing the Making: Cerrado House

Reading the Architectonics: Cerrado House

Matter of Materials: Timber

(Part of) Architect Study: Steven Holl

(Part of) Concept and Materials

(Part of) Drawings: Sections

Sectional Axonometric: Ferrocement Volume

Sectional Axonometric: Masonry Volume