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Al Meena


Golmuri club& Dual role of Tata's in building Jamshedpur

The Golmuri club, a building from twentieth-century India in Jamshedpur, was studied and analysed to understand the architectural production that was evolving in the city and the methods of representing the same. Eventually, a catalogue was curated where certain architectural works in Jamshedpur were identified, to understand the role of different bodies in developing the city, and thus the larger question of Indian architectural modernity. 'A joint enterprise', a theoretical framework, by Preeti Chopra was used to look at the architectural attributes of Jamshedpur.

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Report Content

Historic context of Golmuri club

Architectural production of the curved verandah and the round columns

The later addition of a new porch

The value and complexity of the structure of the club

The framework of the text 'A joint enterprise' by Preeti Chopra

Connections of the framework to the city of Jamshedpur

The practice of naming a philanthropic building

Distinguished architectural face of a philanthropic building

The Tata's as the benefactors in the city of Jamshedpur

Utilitarian structures in the city in contrast to the architectural language of philanthropic buildings

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