Divya Mukesh Shah


House at the Lake edge,Udaipur

The main thought behind the design process was to react to the context of Udaipur city, and the strong surroundings that the site offers.The central idea was to design the house and institution as a domestic purpose where there is no demarcation between the institution and the house ,where the entire space becomes one. The family is strongly connected to the neighbourhood and importance is given to the idea of community as an entire family.

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Staircase and space: Understanding Staircases

CEPT Analysis: Study of Ordering and Organizational Principles of School of Architecture and Kanoria Art Center

Stage I:Introduction and site plan

Stage I:Drawings and Model

Stage I:Drawings

Stage II:Introduction and site plan

Idea for Intervention

Stage II:Drawings and Model

Stage II:Drawings

Stage II:Drawings and Sketches