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Ayushi Shah


Fodder Farm (Towards Redefining Prime Land)

Nal Sarovar is a land water binary system lying under the Nal Kantha region, comprised of different types of landscapes being Scrub lands, Wastelands, Wetlands, Agricultural land, Fallow land and Salt Affected lands. In addition to having diverse landscapes, it also has diverse communities such as the Koli Patels, Bharwads, Sindhi Muslims and Padhars. These communities follow different lifestyles. They have established their homes on this land and are dependent upon it for their livelihood. This interdependency has given Nal Sarovar the notion of being a ‘Prime land’. For Koli patels and Sindhi Muslims who are farmers, the prime is the fertile lands. The Padhars, being the fishermen, is Nalsarovar as it supports their fishing occupation. However for Bharwads are the cattle and are always looking for oppurtunities to migrate in search of forage ground and hence they dont feel connected to the land. Many recent changes, conversion of land to agriculture and wastelands etc. has led to decrease in fodder lands and shortage of fodder for the cattle The idea of the project is to re-establish the wastelands into fodder lands and revive it ecologically and economically to redefine the idea of Prime land for Bharwads.

Report Content

Tracing Impressions | Understanding the larger context

Thread | Idea Of Prime Land for different communities and dependancy

Vision Drawing

Agroforestry Sytems | Zoning of Site

Agricultural Field

Fallow Fields

Salt Affected Waste Land

Comparison between Available and Enhanced (Fodder) | Program Units

Detail Plan

Detail Sections | Visualizations