Shreshtha Waghray


Plough - to - Plate

The emerging aspirations of the rural youth today are drifting away from their traditional occupations and lifestyles. This is leading to large scale migration of youth from rural to urban settings in search of better job opportunities and lifestyles. Agriculture is the effort of countless generations that hands down skills and practices that are indigenous to the place and its culture. Today it is regarded as a lowly, back-breaking and unglamorous job. The customary occupations of the rural folk are of prime importance, losing which will pose serious issues like food security. The provision of mid-day meals at schools is the main source of encouragement for the rural children and in the process they will also have to learn. Therefore this meal brings together education and nutrition. Proposing a food farm catering to this meal will improve its nutritive value and food diversity while engaging the children in little skills involved in this production will inculcate awareness about the importance of their customary occupations.

Report Content

Understanding the study region

Dramatic terrains | Emergent-Submerged - Transitional | Seasonal variations

Understanding rural aspirations

Deriving the planting palette

Project vision | Program

Site Appropriation | Conceptual derivations

Zoning | Proposed site plan

Edge conditions | Details of vegetable beds

Proposed site sections

Site visualisation