V Amruta


Route to roots

For centuries now, traditional wisdom followed by the locals in a region continue to be the most significant driving factor of their lifestyle in India. While these practices may be climatically and ecologically more sustainable, they are no more validated and recognized. New methods developed by industrial production systems are increasingly replacing our lifestyle. However, it is also becoming clear that these changing patterns have led to poorer and unsafe quality of life in recent times. The project will thus be an attempt to promote practices which help trigger the cultural revival and reverse the urban-rural influence to overcome the imbalance in dependencies. The aim would be to tap essential lifestyle influencers of ‘Roti’, ‘kapda’ and ‘makaan’ to bring back what is lost. It would also identify the most eligible torchbearers to lead this mission by studying the communal, socio-political and cultural scenario of the village. The aim would not merely be to preserve the traditional knowledge, wisdom and skills for love of antiquity but to further innovate and streamline these practices.

Report Content

First impression|Villages around Nalsarovar

Reading the landscape|Slicing through the sparse

Narratives from the land|A door to the past

Project vision|Door as a motif

Site study|Nani katechi village

Kit of parts|Conceptualization

Masterplan|Route to roots

Seasonal variation|Landscape fabric

Sections|Rejuvenating the village talab

Visualizations|Rejuvenating the village talab