Agrawal Priyam Pradeep Shalini



A Stock Exchange is an organisation which is affected by everything in the country, be it politics, sports, budgets, pandemics, foreign affairs and protests. It acts as a space which is a expression of the pulse of the country. Thus, a Stock Exchange Building can be interpreted as an impartial privately owned public space that has the potential to serve as a destination for all kinds of Public Expression, Political or Psychological.It can serve as a space which is truly Democratic and accepts all kinds of expression by offering an unauthorised public space where people gather, celebrate, debate and Protest.

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Stock Echange : A space for Democratic Performance.

Programme Interpretation.

Site Interpretation.

Design Strategies.

Building as a Canvas

The Unrestricted Plaza

A stage for Democratic Performance.

Celebration of Tenets of Democracy

Unauthorised Public Space

An access to Higher Ground