Tanna Karan Rajeshkumar


2030s : A New Vision

Imagine a world where people are no longer known by individual profession as due to development of multiple skills of people. Hence they're called Imaginator, Creator, Manager. Now challenge was to understand how world will be if this happens. Imagine how would Imaginator, Creator and Maker would think ?
But first of all it is important to understand who are those Imaginators, Creators and Managers.
 So keywords are :
Imaginator : Care-Free in natureCreators : Need Tangibility to make imagined thingsManager : Need Predictability  to manage.
Also for the Concept for the building the idea of CELERITAS-R&D company for Velocity/Motion science and products.

Report Content

Time Machine- 1930s

Time Machine- 2030s

Imagining future world and representing a day In the life of 2030s.

Understanding context and its layers

Developing further context for the project

Spatial qualities and role of lenses in final spaces

Spatial qualities and role of lenses in final spaces - part 2

Spaces designed on basis of experience

Live and Work spaces

Visualising repetition and organisation of spaces