Patani Pruthviraj Bharatkumar


Hidden Ocean

The Navrangpura bus stand by Charles Correa.that makes a common platform for rich and poor people both can interact with each other .reading being fixed function for space. The secondary function can serve platform for common people get to learn in open school for children. open plan and continuous space but its functions are built in and also these space is for children so the concept is playful, adventure, openness, the drama of light all are in the flow of water according to nature. so in space children can feel like they are swimming with learning.fluidity in space is very playful for children and its built mind open and creative with playful.

Report Content


Detail 1:10 scale


conceptual model


section, terrace plan 1:50 scale

Ground floor, First floor 1:50

concept sketches

concept visualization

proccess of concept