Divyangana Kanthed



The idea is to transform the Navrangpura Bus stand into a reading space, respecting the present architecture of the building and its current function and keeping in mind its context. No longer silent, fusty and reserved for solitary study, reading spaces are now bright and buzzing spaces where people can also engage with their local community and new technologies. They are all exciting, engaging and comfortable places to spend a morning, an afternoon or an evening. And here comes good designs, where it is not dictated to the individual how they should perceive, operate or feel in the building, but have the flexibility to explore and experience it for themselves. Artist-In-Residence offers one of the best flexible spaces in abundance. It emphasize the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into another culture. It invites artists who paints and do pachedi work for a time & space away from their usual environment. People perform a range of different tasks and have different needs: sometimes to be alone, sometimes to be with others. A range of spaces that offer different things works best. It all comes down to the people-environment fit. With abundant views and natural light, people using them can observe the activity and the natural world outside, and those outside have a glimpse of what’s happening inside. They are separated yet connected, and they help to connect their communities together. 

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