Prajapati Janam Shaileshbhai


art of detailing

BRIEF : Design of a Studio Table, proposing new details by conceptualizing the working scenario and considering the given aspects. Students have designed their studio tables in detail considering the usage, mobility, cost through Material study, insertion of tack boards in the given context. The resultant is 1:2 Prototypes, 1:1 joinery details and detailed drawings along with the scaled models to demonstrate the working details. REQUIREMENTS: - DRAFTING SPACE - GLASS TRACING - PLUG POINTS - STORAGE - LAMP - TAG BOARD - LAPTOP - CHARGER - PHONE - SPEAKER - HEADPHONES - STATIONARY - PAPER STORAGE A2-A3-A4 ADDRESSED CONCERNS - FOLDABLE - STACKABLE - DEPLOYABLE - HEIGHT CHANGES

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detailing of a window

detailing of a window