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Once a student began to settle into collage life, they often notice their weight & body creeping up or down little by little. While studying, doing night out's for work, not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, burning the dim night oil & enticing in new social habits can lead to a more desk bound or sluggish lifestyle and an shrink ed / expanded waistline. In order to help students enjoying themselves fully while maintaining a healthy habits, the idea of students space is basically a health center on campus for students which will help them to utilize their spare time in a good healthy manner while maintaining their physical & mental well being.The space has a room surrounded by nearby trees where students can play indoor games while having a nice view of canteen & ground. Also, a a semi covered balcony where they can easily access the fresh air, an eye appealing view, where they can do yoga,basic gym excercise , can play games , hang around with friends for long chit chats which can not only affect their physical but emotional being as well.

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Recreational Health Center On Campus

Recreational Health Center On Campus

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