Sakina Aliasgar Tajani



The project focuses on exploring bamboo as a material right from understanding and detailing out the joineries used in the built form to studying the 3 basic elements i.e. door , windows and staircase. Project ENCLOSED is an exhibition space designed using the key words like symmetry, interaction, pockets and curiosity. The space has been designed in a way that right from the first step of the staircase, the person interacts with not only the exhibits on the way but as well as mid landings to interact with the existing Café and Art Gallery on the site.

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Report Content

Understanding and detailing out joineries of the chosen material

Documenting door to understand how the material is used in different form right from aesthetic to detailing.

Symmetry+ Curiosity + Breathing Space : Proposed Door has been designed using these key words

Symmetry+ Curiosity + Breathing Space : Proposed Windows have been designed keeping in my the enclosed spaces and open spaces needed for the exhibit.

Symmetry+ Curiosity + Breathing Space : Proposed Window

Documenting single flight staircase helped in understanding what roles mid landings play and how tread and riser joineries work

Interactive+ Pockets + Breather: Proposed Staircase has been designed in a way that it doesn't become a mere way to reach a space but becomes an experience of the space itself. The mid landings becomes a space for display as well as sitting

Site Analysis + Concept Evolution: Developing the idea of ENCLOSED SPACE

Frames+ Compartments+ Head/Body/Foot: The exhibition display element has been designed in a way that it sum up all elements explored throughout i.e. door, window and staircase and representing them as a whole.

Modules for the proposed display element