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Limaye Vaishnavi Prasad


Building block as a Planter | Rescue door for floods

Building block as a Planter | Designing a building block of Fly ash brick mortar will create sustainability both inside and outside homes. As manufacturing of fly ash brick saves energy and reduces mercury pollution in the environment. The product will also reduce the tiresome process of garden installation and will increase the rate of garden inside homes by being a building product itself.
Rescue door for floods | A fenestration designed for people to rescue themselves out during a flood emergency. The design also intends to cut down the visual barrier of a normal door.

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Factory | Concept and Design

Factory | Sequence and Assembly

Form Exploration Exercises

Simple Building Product | Introduction

Simple Building Product | Building block as a planter | Concept

Simple Building Product | Design details and Assembly

Fenestration in a building | Introduction and Concept

Fenestration in a building | Rescue door for floods | Design details and Prototype

Fenestration in a building | Design Details and Working

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