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Raval Vedangi Ravindra


Pediatrics hospital - Acceptance of Imperfection

The focus of the studio is on creating child-centric healing spaces using a user-centric approach. The process starts by interviewing children and their parents about their experiences of paediatrics hospital. The hospital consists of a total of nine departments. The overall plan is in a manner that there is a courtyard formed which also serves as a play area for children coming to the hospital. The concept is acceptance of imperfection. When one visits a hospital one is in the most vulnerable condition, questions such as what is going on with you? What will happen? whether one will be able to find the solution or not all of such thoughts are going on in one’s mind. Acceptance also opens up possibilities gives one a feeling of hope. One visits the hospital one accepts that there is for need external help. Refraining from accepting leads to anxiety, confusion and restlessness which might slow down the healing process. The sketches show the ideas of implementation of concept spatially keeping in mind space is being created for children explored through playfulness in acceptance of imperfections also the way we perceive imperfection, which is against perfection.

Report Content

Studio process - Research

Concept Development

Ground Floor plan and Emergency department plan

Diagnostics, Entrance and Daycare department

OPD department

First and Second Floor

Operation Theatre and in patient department

In patient department single room cluster on second floor and double room cluster on first floor

In patient department views

IPD isometric First floor and second floor