Ananya Bhardwaj



The studio is about designing an office space post-pandemic. The design brief focused on the use of modular furniture. The profession chosen was of a financial advisor. A client brief was prepared which also included the logo and colour scheme of the brand along with a spatial narrative. The design process included case study, site analysis, identification of the modular furniture used, along with the rendered plans, sections and detailed drawing of a selected element.
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Report Content

Selecting a profession and designing a logo for it.

Exploring the design style by making mood boards. Formulating a design concept with the help of spatial narrative.

Site analysis of The Capital at BKC, Mumbai.

Proposed layout of site-1 with zoning explained through plan.

Design catalogue identifying furniture and materials used.

Proposed layout of site-2 with zoning explained through plan.

Sections showcasing connection between spaces.

3D rendered views of both sites.

Detailed drawing of pantry cabinets and platform.

Post covid design attributes.

Project Video