Raval Vedangi Ravindra



The idea of life cycle (birth to death) is explored and there are rituals and ceremonies at every stage which is known as Sanskar. There are sixteen Sanskar in Hinduism.
The furniture and objects are associated with each Sanskar, out of sixteen Sanskar, three Sanskar such as Naamkaran which is associated to birth, Vivaha which is associated to marriage, Antyeshti associated to death are explored and the furniture which are part of the rituals are exhibited.

Report Content

Object research

Object research

Theme poster and curatorial note

Exhibits: Each card contains information about the exhibit and also explains its relevance to the theme.

Curatorial sequence: It gives fair idea of micro-environment created around each exhibit and showcases the information about the exhibit and its relevance to the theme. It also shows a sequence in which exhibits are exhibited.

Spatial configuration

Exhibition Layout

Experiencing the exhibition

Site model scale 1:100

Exhibition flyer: The flyer explains the reasoning behind final configuration, curatorial sequence, three different sections of exhibition and the installations connecting the spaces.