Nimmi Elizabeth Thomas


Craft + Future = OPENSOURCE

Name of Project: CRAFTLAB
Function: Exploratory space for innovations in craft
Site: Sanskar Kendra, Ahmedabad
Idea of Speculative Future: Singularity

Imagine a future in Singularity where everyone & everything is connected to the grid. How can craft benefit from the same? The CRAFTLAB has two major functions. The first being the inclusion of technology and digital fabrication in the craft making process. This helps to eliminate tedious processes and high skill levels, and opens up opportunity for anyone in the world to begin their path in the line of crafts. This allows school children, entrepreneurs and anyone with an interest to make, to be a part of the craft community. Traditional craftsmen provide the knowledge and designers develop the kit of parts for the maker and when the maker sells their product, everyone in between benefits. The second benefit is that this platform promotes transdisciplinary collaboration. For example: An interior designer works with a Tarkashi craftsperson and an electrical engineer to create a lighting system of paper-thin inlaid copper circuits. Or a UI/UX designer works with a Kalamkari craftsperson to develop a DIY wallpaper app. From bioplastic terrazzo to 3D printed joinery for bamboo, the explorations are endless.

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Report Content

Developing a theoretical position on the future of craft.

Establishing the position through spatial elements and their prototypes.

Manifesto of Craft + Future = OPENSOURCE

Introduction to the Craftlab at Sanskar Kendra, Ahmedabad

Axonometric overview of the Craftlab

The featured spaces for ideation & creation.

Symbolic bamboo joinery exploration

Working with a Tarkashi craftsperson & an electrical engineer for the development of a copper inlaid lighting fixture.

Development of Inverse Inlay technique for the Clay Calm break-out zone.

Other opensource craft explorations that can be developed in the Craftlab

Project Video