Patel Krishnaben Pankajkumar


Cracked Ceiling World

The story focuses on the adaptation of “crevices as home” within the arid region. The very oneiric journey starts with the forming of cracks and ends with the inhabitation of it within life.  
Throughout course, the book “The Poetics of Space” written by Gaston Bachelard, become a tool of starting point for references in my story. Through the examples illustrated in this book, I started imagining things much clearer and on a wider spectrum. The power of communication of images of childhood dreams creates enclosed space within the vicinity comprising of emotions. Emotions once lived in the dream becomes part of an imaginary world of my own. The journey begins from the vastness of space to pickpocketing of corners. Imagining my home, it must consist of a web of thoughts, experiences, emotions. Finding a corner, I perceive myself to abide in the cracked-ceiling world. Each of the units inside crevices gives a sense of immobility which can be further made into space of my being. Experiencing of being in space leads to revealing the hidden truth/ fact of a childhood dream. Being inside the corner, I perceive to have mixed emotions of enclosure of happy, relax, calm, healthy breath of clay, cool nature depriving of heat.

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Scum representing boundary

Crevices within lump of sand

Sectional Globe

Representing Corners

Corner as immobility

Corner as Chamber of Being

Images of Immensity

Sectional Perspective