Mayank Jindal


Spring 2021_IR2030 Deployable Systems

Studio brief- The studio intends to explore the potential of deployable systems of Origami and scissor Mechanism to design, user, defined multi-functional space/product / interior architecture element, which facilitates or enhances the existing activity or user experience, within a given context. The student will engage in understanding, analyzing, mapping, exploring the interdependent relationship between form, space, and function. The studio is divided into 3 parts. The first part intends to explore the concept of multi-functional spaces by understanding and analyzing the needs, aspirations, movement patterns of existing and potential users within a specific site. The second part intends to explore the deployable systems of Origami and Scissor Mechanism. The third part intends to engage the students in the process of design development. The students will explore the application of the deployable system to design a structure/ product, that responds to the spatial needs of the user. It also aims at understanding the working details for the deployable structure. The outcome of the semester will be an in-depth presentation of the working principle and details of the deployable system designed for a user­ centric multi-functional space/product/ interior architecture element. 

Report Content

Studio Brief

Design intent and case study

Design Concepts

Design exploration through models

Table cum stool

Technical Drawings

Component Drawings

Working principle and elevation

Table cum stool with different material

Table cum stool with different material

Project Video