S Sachin Jadhav


Rethinking Museum spaces

The project aims at rethinking museum spaces during COVID times. After identifying a set of problems in the existing plan of the museum. A Criteria to have a controlled circulation pattern became the main motive. Hence a double spiral circulation maze was implemented such that the curator moves in a restricted path thereby adhering to the COVID-19 norms. Evolutionary Computational tools such as grasshopper and  Wallacei were used to generate various iterations and the fittest iteration was analyzed and evaluated with respect to the criteria chosen.https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZS55Y8_JYh0PNFvU0AFEr4IjJ0vp3ArEXqkrXcvspyg/edit?usp=sharing

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Report Content

Site study/Problem Areas

Design Drivers/System Exploration

Pseudocode-Experiment 1

Analysis-Experiment 1

Iterations-Experiment 1

Pseudocode-Experiment 3

Pseudocode-Experiment 3

Analysis-Experiment 3

Iterations-Experiment 3

Further development

Project Video