Nimmi Elizabeth Thomas


PESCEPORT - Poonthura

Pesceport is my interpretation of the Dropbox project, proposed for Poonthura, Trivandrum Kerala. Poonthura is a fishermen colony in the suburbs of Trivandrum. There are many issues facing this community such as natural disasters, loss of beach soil, etc. However, what they take most to heart is when outsiders look down upon them. Pesceport is simply an effort to initiate conversation between the community people and outsiders. By highlighting the local knowledge of fish and uplifting it to appeal to the increasing crowd of Pescetarians around the world, Pesceport invites you to interact over a bowl of food. View:

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Report Content

Dropbox at Poonthura

Introduction to the Community

Community Analysis

Introduction to the PESCEPORT Program

Spatial Requirements and Key Plan Showing the Location of 2 Sites

Main Site Overview: Site Plan, Container Massing & Elevation

Main Site: Interior Layouts, Section & Mood-boards

Sub-site: Mobile Kitchen Studio Details and External Mood-boards

3D Views of Both Sites & Community Interaction Images

PESCEPORT in Poonthura

Project Video